Unauthorized sellers


WARNING/CONSUMER ALERTWe hereby warn the customers against our products鈥 purchases from unauthorized sellers.We have created the sophisticated networkof distributors, dealers and other authorized persons, which know our products perfectly and as such they are able to provide our customers with the qualified services (in the highest quality).When purchased at unauthorized seller the product is not provided with our responsibility for its origin, its certification, originality and聽safety.

Buying at unauthorized seller may cause these unwanted effects:
鈼 we do not guarantee any amount of the products鈥 deliveries for unauthorized sellers, as such they are not able to create any stock reserves. The lengths of their deliveries thus may be enormous and may cause the effect that you got the product from the previous (not actual and brand new) line,
鈼 unauthorized sellers often promise worldwide deliveries which cannot be objectively guaranteed and the delivery costs may be so high that you will overpay the product
鈼 unauthorized selles cannot guarantee the originality and safety of the products,
鈼 we do not provide any direct services for the products bought at unauthorized sellers. Such services must be provided to you by the unauthorized聽seller,聽relating to the warranty claims we do not provide the unauthorized seller with our support and such process is handled without our cooperation.聽

Our authorized distributors and dealers are carefully chosen for the customer services and are bound to reach hight sale and service standards and ethical conduct.聽

The information about the unauthorized sellers鈥 practices were brought to us by the customers with such experiences and we feel duty-bound to inform all of you. We are bringing the list of such unauthorized sellers known to these days, and we will continuously add every other unauthorized seller. We also notify you of the fact that unauthorized sellers usually use a word 鈥瀓etsurf鈥 in their names/business names and/or brands, even words as 鈥瀘fficial or 鈥瀘fficial agent鈥 are used by them as well. Such names are misleading and we ask you to be cautious when contacting such seller. The list of our authorized (official) dealers are to be found on our website www.jetsurf.com , section CONTACTS/Jetsurf authorized sellers聽here:https://www.jetsurf.com/hq/contacts/authorized-dealers